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Giving Back

At Hold Soap we enable Donggubat to hire one developmentally disabled person for every $3,700 increase in sales. See below for some of their inspiring stories.

Real Stories

Could you ever forget your only friend?

“The mother asked me if I would remember her son, and I answered I would try,” Noh recalled. “Then she questioned ‘Would my son remember you?’ I said maybe. But her answer shocked me. ‘Of course he will. Could you ever forget your only friend?’”

For the student, Noh was his one and only friend. What the disabled needed was not only a job, but also a friend. After that incident, Donggubat focused on creating a program where the disabled and the non-disabled can communicate by working together. Noh emphasized that this also leads the disabled to getting a job, as the reason the developmentally disabled have difficulty getting hired is due to their lack of simple skills to communicate with customers and fellow workers, rather than lack of professional skills. Read Full Story

I feel alive the moment I am at Donggubat

All our members, both mentors and mentees, have very energetic and welcoming personalities. It was never boring to be with those wonderful people. I have learned that handicapped people are not much different from the non-handicapped. They need just a little more attention from this society. It may sound hard to wake up early and work on the farm on Saturdays, but I feel alive during the moment I am at Donggubat. I have a positive expectation on the company’s vision, the programs it offers and potentiality. Read Full Story

Around the Farm

In the Factory